Gifts of The Spirit  Meditation and Channeling 2

Gifts of The Spirit Meditation and Channeling 2

This is a two day intensive class of journeying, exploration and definition of the 12 dimensions of our Universe and your personal connection to them. Exploring and defining these states of consciousness, or dimensions, opens up your channeling skills to communicate with other beings and establishing a clear connection to your Higher Self, who is you at a six dimensional frequency. This is a meditation and channeling class, for in the meditative state you are able to connect to higher beings in their state of consciousness. We all do this unconsciously when we sleep, day dream, get into a creative “zone” and even whole driving. In this class you learn to do this consciously, with the intention of getting answers to your questions and learning about yourself from different perspective. Attendance is required both days. 10 am to 7 pm. Exchange is $350 with $50 deposit.