Candle Miracles  Using Alchemy of the Fire Element

Candle Miracles Using Alchemy of the Fire Element

Kate will discuss the theory behind working with the Element of Fire to create Alchemical changes in your life. You will pick a candle depending on the kind of change you want to create; abundance, attracting Love in your life, overcoming obstacles, conquering fear, ease out of a dying relationship, enhancing your sex appeal and many more! 
You will pick your candle and then learn how to inscribe it, write out your intention on parchment, anoint your candle, self and parchment and set up an altar so you can perform this basic ritual. Instructions will be given to you to take home and use over again. Most materials are included in the class and you will take them home to perform the ritual, but Kate will demonstrate the process. All you need to bring to class is a picture of yourself and a pendant or old earring to be used as a “charm”. Materials will also be available for purchase to create more Candle Miracles at home! This class is fun and empowering. 4 hour class. Exchange is $50 with a $20 deposit for materials. $70.00