Adept Initiation  A Class of Adept Knowledge

Adept Initiation A Class of Adept Knowledge

As lightworkers we all experience self-initiation. Many perceive this as the very first level of initiation. We declare to the Universe our desire to serve and the Universe responds. Adept initiation is the next level. It is the first degree of physical initiation. It can be likened to the difference between an “oral contract” and a “written contract”. You become a member of The Great White Universal Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light, In accordance with The Hierarchy of Light. They are the link between the Angelic Realm and the Realm of Man, present on this planet from its very beginning. The Adept Initiation allows you to discover and completely connect with your soul purpose, and receive higher light and knowledge. This is a philosophical path, not a religion. The philosophical teachings are based on the mysteries of metaphysics. In the tradition of Spiritual Mystery Schools all who feel called to serve in this manner are able to attend Adept Program, Ceremony and initiation. 
Some of the Benefits and Privileges of the Initiation include:
Direct increased contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light . Physical and spiritual abundance from your giving service to your spiritual work. Ten times the power you had prior to initiation to empower your work in the world. An expansion of consciousness and heightened sense of clarity about your purpose in life. Increased guidance and protection (four new guides sent directly from Creator to teach you and empower your spiritual evolution). Aligns the flow of your will with the flow of the Will of God or Source and the Will of the Universe and the Will of Humans, as expressions of the Divine.
Class Topics - How to clear up the negative ego. Learn about The Spiritual Hierarchy of Light, Archangels, and Masters of Light, Chi, Ki, and Hara Energies and how to use them to enhance your life and work. Sacred tools for protection and for communion with the Source. $500.00