The True Spirit of my work is to escort those of you on your spiritual path who feel directionless, to achieve the peace and clarity that comes from connecting to the deep, fierce and unwavering love of The Divine Source of All. In making this connection, it allows you to open and move purposefully on The Path you have already chosen, but have been unable to clearly see.

This journey moves you out of victim hood and disconnection, into empowerment and direct connection to your Higher Self.  Only your Higher Self knows the power behind you surrendering to The Divine. This achievement moves you into Hope, Trust and Faith and opens your heart to follow your inner compass towards your Divine Purpose. This not only gives meaning to your personal and spiritual life, but supports humanity in making the courageous changes that we want but have felt powerless to affect. 

The time is now to shift ourselves and create a sacred relationship to self, each other and all beings of our beautiful planet.

​My life purpose is to help you find your Divine Path and walk it with courage and grace.


Kate Mikusko