About Kate....

I came into this life as a warrior and a fighter. I came in with that determination to fight for my survival, to fight to have a place in the world and to have a voice.

I came in looking for a fight and my life reflected that!

Then in my early 30’s I had a health crisis that encouraged me to find another way to be in the world. And so my spiritual journey began.
From then on I have become more skilled at turning that determination to fight into a force for healing; helping myself and others to move beyond survival, past the good fight, past the pain of victim-hood and into a way of being empowered and finding peace. 

I have learned to remove obstacles so I could find my way down the path I had already chosen, but could not see. Learning these skills gave voice to my inner soul longing to be freed from the limitation that this world appears to impose upon us.  This allowed my spirit to blossom into a creative force, evolving into a peaceful placeholder for the Divine to work through. Now my work and life reflect those changes.

My work in the world is to assist you to find your direction and voice, to navigate past survival and past the pain. The results for you will be to now know clearly your inner guidance. This inner guidance will light the way down the path you had already chosen, but could not quite see. Your doubt and questioning will be replaced with hope, trust and faith in who you are and your place in the world. 

Every healing session, every use of lightwork technology, every channeled reading and every class I present do one thing: they raise and refine your vibratory capacity. This allows you to hold more light in your being and body, so you can lift your life from the place of survival into a place of empowerment and beyond.

As far as you want to go.